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The gate will frustrate you, but once you come in, we will relax you.

At Brickmakers Bistro [located in Riverside Lifestyle Estate, Nahoon, East London] you’ll find a space to relax (on the deck), have a beer (or cocktail) – and enjoy your home away from home.

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trading hours

trading hours

the experience

Brickmakers Home away from home

Home away from Home

Brickmakers Fast good food

Fast Good Food

rickmakers Relax with a cocktail_on the deck

Relax with a Cocktail on the Deck

customer raves

The Sunday lunch was great. We will be back!

Shane Willson

Best pizzas ever!! Excellent ambience and service!!

Di Rieger

Our story

Over 100 years ago, way beyond the city’s urban boundary – a brick factory was established. But as the population increased – the factory needed to move – and in the 70’s it was made available for suburban development.

The developers decided to convert the brickfields into an upmarket lifestyle estate. As you wander around, you’ll still see some of the original brick making equipment (which has been carefully preserved) on display… completing the industrial chic theme.

The restaurant was established to provide convenience to the residents but welcomes outside guests as well.

Brickmaker Bistro Restaurant 2
Brickmaker Bistro Restaurant

we cant wait to see you.

Our food is great, but so are our people… and they are ready to warmly welcome you into our space.

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